Music has always been a very important
part in my life. I started playing the
flute when I was 7 and this instrument
is an inseparable part of me.

Playing and sharing my music with others
gives me a lot of pleasure. I have my own
studio where I can record my music.
Here Anna and I can "weave" our musical
"threads" into new compositions.

"Music gives me the opportunity
to express myself, to reach the soul,
to touch the heart.
With music, I hope to give the world my love".

CD collection:

" Springtime in the East "

The compositions have an Eastern influence.
It starts with birds in the early morning
and takes you through different atmospheres,
away from the western busyness.

instrumentation: flutes, bamboo-flutes, whistle,
guitars, tampura and vocals, lyre, sitar-lyre

time 56'47"

" Dream about tomorrow "

On this CD you'll find compositions of my own
and arrangements of traditional English and
Irish songs and music.
The sphere is quiet and relaxing.

instrumentation: flutes, whistles, guitars,
tampura and vocals.

time 46'25"

" Circle in the sky "

Most of this music is played by intuition
and recorded in one take which makes this
album lively and relaxing at the same time.

intrumentation: flute, alto and bass flute,
piccolo, whistle, guitar, tampura, lyre,
sitar-lyre, vocals and percussion.

time 46'54"

" Christmas "

The christmas-songs on this CD are arranged
into instrumental versions, added with some
new compositions and it has a meditative sphere.
The lyres are played by Anna.

instrumentation: flute, alto and bass flute,
whistles, guitar, lyre and sitar-lyre.

time 46'30"


flute repair